The Making of Neoliberal Turkey is out now


The Making of Neoliberal Turkey: an introduction, Maral Erol, Cenk Ozbay, Z. Umut Turem and Aysecan Terzioglu;

Turkey’s experience with neoliberal policies since 1980 in retrospect and prospect, Fikret Senses;

Engineering competition and competitive subjectivities: ‘self’ and political economy in neoliberal Turkey, Z. Umut Turem;

Governing without control: Turkey’s ‘struggle’ with international migration, Deniz Sert and Ugur Yildiz;

The violence law and the governmentalization of football in Turkey, Yagmur Nuhrat;

Inarticulate, self-vigilant, and egotistical: masculinity in Turkish drawn stories, Cenk Ozbay;

Urban anxieties and Kurdish migrants: urbanity, belonging, and resistance in Istanbul, Ozgur Sevgi Goral;

The mourning mother: rhetorical figure or a political actor?, Zeynep Gulru Goker;

Health care for all? Rethinking globalization and health inequalities in the Turkish context, Aysecan Terzioglu;

Anticipation, choice, and personal responsibility: medicalization of menopause as gendered governmentality, Maral Erol;

Remaking the tobacco market: the emergence of contract farming and new subjectivities, Ebru Kayaalp;

The politics of biotechnology and the governance of genetically modified organisms in Turkey, Zuhre Aksoy;

Governmentality and environmentalism in Turkey: power, politics, and environmental movements, Dilek Unalan;


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